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Index: Hacker Cult.

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grin cat princess alien unicode 06726 Unicode

the day i lost control
Keyboard, Layouts, RSI

js logo
JavaScript in Depth

visual css-s
Visual CSS

Linux Logo in Linux Libertine Font
Linux Tutorial

python logo
Python Tutorial

Practical SVG Tutorial


Main Index: Xah Math

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Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves

wavy enneper
Surface Gallery

Wallpaper Groups

sq squarly weave-p
Math Graphics Gallery


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Just need to say. I love @xah_lee website. Choc full of useful info of useful information.

2017-04-23 https://twitter.com/fleontrotsky/status/856217970913271809

A lot of content here: http://xahlee.info/index.html Very impressive! By @xah_lee

2017-04-19 https://twitter.com/leifbattermann/status/854592033452945409

Yep. I'm Nigerian programmer living in Nigeria. I really enjoy your articles on ergonomics, emacs, programming languages etc

2017-04-20 https://twitter.com/SegunOlulana/status/855047691692199936