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Richard Stallman Freaks Out and Has a Meltdown

Richard Stallman Freaks Out and Has a Meltdown

Published on Dec 19, 2012.

Stallman was giving a speech in Brazil where they speak Portuguese. Stallman speaks English and Spanish, but not Portuguese. The audience was asked whether they want Stallman to present in Spanish (similar to Portuguese) or if he should present in English. The audience originally preferred English but they over estimated their ability to comprehend English. Part way through the speech, the coordinator asked Stallman to switch to Spanish. Stallman then has a meltdown as a result.

Richard Stallman Eats Something From His Foot

“Richard Stallman Eats Something From His Foot” «Uploaded on Apr 10, 2009. During a lecture Q&A session Richard Stallman appears to pick something off his foot or toe, places it in his mouth and chews on it.»

RMS explains iBads and Cell Phones

〈RMS explains iBads and Cell Phones〉 «Uploaded on Apr 4, 2011. At the University of Regina Grad Student's conference April 2nd, 2011 Should you accept an iPad as a gift? Are cell phones safe?»

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