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Input Devices: Mouse, Jog Wheel, Touchpad, Pen Tablet, Trackball, Joystick (commentary)

Discovered a book citing my site. Enterprise Interoperability II: New Challenges and Approaches Buy at amazon (2007), by Ricardo Jardim-Gonçalves, Jörg P. Müller, Kai Mertins, Martin Zelm. . Cites: What is Expressiveness in a Computer Language.

More at: Printed Citations to XahLee.org.

Alternative Keyboard Layouts (exhibition on keyboard layouts)

Recently, wrote more about Apple Keyboards ⌨.

Logitech Wave Keyboard (thoughts)

Unicode Basics: What's Character Set, Character Encoding, UTF-8?

Want to disable the Win key from popping up the Start menu but still want Win+‹key› to work? New tip added to AutoHotkey Example Scripts.

if you need some custom key set up, i can do it for you. Please do donate $10 though. (click button on upper right of this window)

System-wide Ergonomic Keybinding for Windows, Mac, Bash (code)

How to Use Windows Search; Stop Indexing USB Drives; Rebuilding Index (tutorial)

Is Microsoft a Monopoly?

What's Kindle, iPad, Android, and All That Jazz?? (review and commentary)

Windows Starting Too Slow? Disable Windows Startup Apps (tips)

Matching Brackets in Unicode. (Unicode palette)

Discovered excellent defrag software Piriform Defraggler. Also, Piriform's Recuva for file recovery is also excellent, i've used in the past. Also, discovered Partimage, for cloning disk partitions as disk image to dvd. These are recommended to me from a expert PC friend “9 volt chicken”. These are added to: List of Great Windows Software. (all software listed there are highest quality)

How to Disable the F-Lock Key (keyboarding)

svn Tutorial.

Discovered that you can close a browser tab by clicking the tab with mouse middle button. Fantastic! This tip added to: Microsoft Windows Keyboard Shortcuts.

Discovered possibly the best trackball today. CST L-Trac trackball. Large ball, 5 buttons, scroll-wheel, but at $110. First available at Amazon on 2009-09. So i think it is pretty new.

[see L-Trac Trackball Review]

Intro to Chinese Punctuation. (essay)

Byte Magazine Cover on LISP, A Space Odyssey, Nietzsche. (essay)

Added 3 screenshots of simple programs i've written around 1992 for the HP-28S calculator. See: HP-28S Advanced Scientific Calculator.

Discovered a dead key. In emacs, i have the ▤ Menu key set as Hyper, and i have Hyper+Shift+q as a shortcut to some command. However, Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 keyboard simply does not register that combination when right shift is used. But left Shift works. See: What's NKRO, N-key Rollover?.

Erik Naggum and Why There Isn't a Ocean of “Lisp Jobs”.

Updated: Windows Keyboard Shortcuts Advanced FAQ.

Audio Recorder, Synthesizers, MIDI Software (list with comments).

List of 3D Modeling Software.

Software for Video Capture and Screencasting (tips; advice)

Watched 2 video reviews of Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard (fantastic for programers)

Death of Newsgroups.

PowerShell as cmd.exe or Bash

What Characters Are Not Allowed in File Names?

Discovered that modern OS X software still create resource fork. See: Safari “.webloc” File.

How to View Comments in JPEG, PNG, MP3 files? (tutorial)

OS X Extended Attributes and xattr (tutorial)

How to Use Unison for Syncing Files (Unison tutorial).

Discovered a new book that cites my work. The book is:

Mathematica Cookbook , by Sal Mangano. Buy at amazon.

The citation is: Concepts and Confusions of Prefix, Infix, Postfix and Lisp Notations.

For more, see: Printed references to XahLee.org and XahLee.org Site Awards and Recognition.

Hunspell Tutorial.

Collection of characters: Arrows in Unicode.

Updated: Windows Environment Variables (tutorial)

Hunspell Path Pain (rant)

Text Editor's Cursor Movement Behavior (emacs, vi, Notepad++)

As you may know, Mac OS X 10.6, released in 2009, no longer supports Macs based on PowerPC chip. My Mac is the last PPC chip Mac bought in late 2005.

Note from Wikipedia Mac OS X Snow Leopard, quote:

Some ways of running 10.6 Snow Leopard on certain unsupported hardware have been discovered. Users who have access to supported hardware have installed Snow Leopard on the supported machine then simply moved the hard drive to the unsupported machine. Alternatively, the Snow Leopard Installation DVD can be booted on a supported Mac, then installed on an unsupported Mac via the Firewire Target Disk Mode.

So, the decision of this must went something like this: Let's get some engineers to put in code so that old mac owner's can't upgrade. It's time for them to buy a new Mac!

See also: Why I'm Switching from Mac/Unix To PC/Windows.

aspell Tutorial (aspell tutorial).

Keyboard Hardware's Influence on Keyboard Shortcut Design (How Emacs and vi keys came to be).

What's NKRO, N-key Rollover?

Skype Chat Encryption and Screen Sharing.

Got this accolade today for my Java Tutorial:

Thanks much for your informative Java programming aid online. I'm an old crow who cut his teeth on assembly language - and left programming for my career in SatCom. But all roads seem to circle around some programming application and your website has been very helpful with my current interest. Thanks much for the time and effort your spent to create it!!

MS Engineering control theory UC-Berkeley '72


Spent about 8 hours in the past 2 days keyboard geeking again. Reworked several of my articles on keyboards, recheck links, read a bunch more reviews and history, watched many videos, thinking about the design, etc. Ah, the joy of keyboard geeking. I'm probably among the top 100 keyboard freaks in the world.

Many articles now has a independent page, separated from large articles. They are:

The overall index of all keyboard related articles is at: Keyboards, Layouts, Hotkeys, Macros, RSI.

The Idiocy of Hacker Keyboards (reviews on several weird keyboards.)

AutoHotkey Path Problem; Windows Shortcut Path

Software Dependency Complexity: Fink, Unison (essay)

Notes on Unicode BOM Byte Order Mark Hack.

Also, created a index of my articles related to Unicode, at: Xah's Unicode Tutorial.

Dvorak Keyboard Layout.

Windows Start Menu, Desktop, Quick Launch, File Locations.

Am pissed yesterday to have to spend a hour to disable a global shortcut key in Windows, caused by a pre-installed software from HP. See: Disable Ctrl+Alt+S of HP Support Information.

Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Confusion Ball

camelCase and Source Code Formatting (opinion; essay)

Example of lousy computer language syntax: AutoHotkey Syntax Problems.

Avoiding Variables in Functional Programing

In Windows Vista, when viewing a folder, you can view it as icons or list or detail. There's no direct keyboard shortcut, but you can do this:

You can set a key using AutoHotkey, so that Ctrl+1 is icon view, Ctrl+2 for detail view, similar to the Mac.

Regex Limits, or, Should You Read Mastering Regular Expressions? (short essay)

Mouse Speed Too Slow in Mac OS X?

How to autocrop border with ImageMagick? Answer: like this “convert -trim cat.png cat.png”. For more, see: ImageMagick Tutorial.

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