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Perm URL Funny: botnet, rootkit

Keyboard Shortcuts Conflict in Web Browsers and Mac, Windows.

Cygwin: What's Installed by Default and Which Unix Tool to Install.

Wolfram Alpha Ad: Python Unladen Swallow (humor)

Updated: List of Great Windows and Mac Software.

Just discovered that Windows since XP comes with a command-line tool called “cipher”, which can be used to securely delete files. Shit. Why am i not told about this? I spent several hours when i need to do that in 2010. Updated: How to Secure Delete Files, Shred Files, Wipe Drive.

Question: What tools i can use to monitor network traffic? either build-in or 3rd-party. I like to have a graph view (For example, as in Task Manager) but also nice are tool that lets me know detail, such as what IP/port that's incoming/outgoing. Command line is fine. Or even some tutorial. Thanks.

Answer: start “Task Manager” (taskmgr.exe), then “Performance” tab, then “Resource Monitor …” (perfmon.exe). Or, just start “perfmon.exe”, then click on the “Open Resource Monitor”.

You can also use command line “netstat”. Or, if you want to sniff packets, install Wireshark.

Lulz Security Farewell Note.

Diacritics: Trema, Umlaut, Macron, Circumflex, and All That.

rsync Windows to unix File Permissions.

Picasa Pains: Using Picasa Web As a Backup; Sync All Folders. Update at: Google's Image Application Picasa.

Updated: Design of the Qi Language Logo.

New: Why Qi Lisp Fails and Clojure Succeeds (essay).

How To: Show Day of Week in Windows 7 Taskbar

Go to “Control Panel”, “Region and Language”. Then, click the “Additional settings…” button. Click the “Date” tab. In the “Short date” field, put: yyyy-MM-dd,ddd. Then hit “Apply” button. This will make it look like “2011-06-23,Thu”.

Google Chrome Installed Location: New Era of Software Install Structure?

It's odd that Chrome is no longer installed under “Program Files” on Windows.

Perhaps, due to Google Chrome's philosophy of frequent update, putting it under AppData gets around many admin privilege problems. If so, this may signify some movement about software install location structure.

Notice that the new location is in a personal directory. That means, each user each will have their own copy of Chrome. Thinking in a traditional way, this means less disk use efficiency. But note that Chrome also integrates its own Adobe Flash. If you think about it, disk space is today never used up, at least not for the storage of software. (it is used up by video files, which are few hundred times more each.) So, multiple copies of a software ok. Also, putting the software for each user avoids many complexities developed by OS over the past decades for managing that. (For example, Windows Registry, and Mac uses Application bundle, and unix's ancient ways of {“/usr/bin”, “/usr/sbin”, “/usr/share”, “/lib”, “/usr/local/bin”, “/etc/man”, “/etc/share”, “~/bin”}.)

See also: Software Dependency Complexity.

Turning off Windows7 Auto Snap Feature (Aero Snap).

Windows Logo Key Keyboard Shortcuts.

Keyboard News: KBC Poker Keyboard, Ducky Keyboard.

Unicode Symbols Online Tool

Discovered a nice Unicode site. Unicode table for you At http://www.ftrain.com/unicode/#9800.

See also: Xah's Unicode Tutorial.

I discoverd the link from Jon Snader (jcs)'s blog At irreal.org. Well written blog with annotated comments and links on things of interest to emacs and lisp programers.

Programing Language: The Glory of Lisp's cons.

Why Function Keys F1 F2 Are Useful.

PC Keyboard Modifier Keys (Short Survey).

Rewritten with new findings: Keyboard Layout: Dvorak vs Colemak: is It Worthwhile to Improve the Dvorak Layout?.

Keyboard Layouts: Dvorak vs Colemak vs Workman.

The Idiocy of the Happy Hacking Keyboard.

Microsoft Keyboards.

Mac: Key Remapping, Keybinding Tools

Keyboard Home/End Keys Arrangement.

Computing Culture: What's Hacker?.

How to Change Firefox Mouse Wheel Scroll Speed?.

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