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google earth flight simulator hud

Google Earth Flight Simulator Controls

Programing Exercise: latitude-longitude-decimalize. See: http://xahlee.blogspot.com/2011/11/emacs-lisp-exercise-latitude-longitude.html.

Unicode Symbols for Lock and Key

See bottom: Unicode 6 Emoticons.

Spent about 10 hours keyboard geeking again. Several major updates in the following pages. Addition of some 15 glorious photos of keyboards and their layouts.

utron keyboard
The μTRON Keyboard. image source

μTRON Keyboard

Ergonomic Keyboards: Microsoft 4000 vs Natural Elite

Yesterday, people on Hacker News site are discussing ergonomic keyboards. (Source news.ycombinator.com) Seems all are recommending the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 Review.

I also love that keyboard. Used it for 2 years. Unfortunately, the stiff Spacebar is causing me hand problems. I spend 2 days trying to fix the spacebar. First by trying to remove the metal bar underneath, then tried to bend the metal, then tried to put lubricant in the key hole, then tried lengthen the poke, then tried to break the metal bar holder, then tried to trim the cylinder-poke's sides, then file it, and eventually cutting it out altogether. Ends up with a broken spacebar and nothing worked. (by the way, there's a blog on the web trying to tell you how to fix it. They don't work. It should be fixable though, if you are a tinkerer and lots tools and odd spare parts for spontaneous invention.) So i've switched back to Microsoft's earlier ergonomic model.

ergonomic posture laptop ergonomic posture

By the way, i've read extensively on the web about anything RSI since 1990 (before the web, it's mostly books about typing in libraries). Sometimes i thought perhaps i can do a summary, but, it turns out, i can't. The situation is too diverse, too complex. Causes of RSI are different for everyone. The only summary i could give, is to follow the general ergonomic advices. Namely:

More tips from my experience.

Thanks to Jon Snader for the tip.

Discovered the Fantom language. See bottom of Proliferation of Computing Languages.

Incredibly cute chick, gives us a tour of fancy animated desktop on linux.

“Ubuntu Linux Themes” demo by a cute chick “NixiePixel”.

Screen Size Comparison: DVD, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Blu-ray

Microsoft digital media keyboard Flip3D key

Updated: PC Keyboard Modifier Keys — a Short Survey

FOSS Infighting: My License is Holier Than Yours

On www.emacswiki.org, there's this fact mentioned:

The [emacs lisp] manual has license GFDL and thus the DFSG (Debian Free Software Guidelines) don't consider it free.

Ain't it bizarre? FSF's GNU Emacs, the mothership of all Free Software, and Debian Linux, the mothership of hacker linux, originally with support of Richard Stallman, have come to this quarrel.

Such quarrel are quite severe and wide-spread among open source communities. BSD's antagonistic forks, GNU vs MIT/BSD/Unices, Emacs vs XEmacs, Free Software vs Open Source, the KDE vs Gnome, GNU vs Linux, Firefox logo vs Debian, the rise and fall and rise and fall of Java as “free” (aka the Java Trap), OpenOffice vs LibreOffice, Richard Stallman vs Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman vs Eric Raymond, Richard Stallman vs everybody else, …

Ideologies, ideologies!

These tech geekers are supposed to be the ethics gods of humanity, peace, freedom, et al, in reality, they are just scumbags like most human animals on earth, when YOUR self-interest is involved.

Unicode: W3C Proposed Icons {Image, Video, Sound File, Trash, Keyboard, Mouse, …}

Origin of the “Grave Accent”/Backtick as Quoting Character

Kevin Buchs, asks in gnu.emacs.help about the origin of the convention of using backtick and straight quote, `like this', in GNU documentations, in particular, emacs. Quote:

Ok, dumb question to which I have been unable to find the answer and which is distracting me:

In emacs documentation, what is the origin of using the accent grave (backtick) to introduce a quoted phrase, often a command, while using an apostrophe to terminate it.  Example: (info) Keys and Commands: 1st paragraph: "binding" is quoted as such, but 2nd paragraph, `next-line' is quoted that way. If someone who knows the answer will take the time to answer, I promise I will document it on the Emacs wiki. Does this extend beyond emacs? Beyond GNU and FSF?


proper elbow position during typing
Proper Elbow Position During Typing

Google Doing Research: What is a Browser?

“What is a Browser”

FCK the tech geekers, the hackers, the linux/unix, emacs, fanatics, those who hog on slashdot, reddit, hacker news, who adamantly tell us how user interface should be, how code should be formatted, how we should use the web. F���ing idiotic scumbags.

Unicode Characters for Space

Here's some Unicode chars to represent Space:

CharUnicode NameCode PointComment
·MIDDLE DOTU+00B7Useful when you want to show space as visible chars
OPEN BOXU+2423Useful when indicating keystrokes
SYMBOL FOR SPACEU+2420Useful in programing contexts. This usually indicates the ASCII 32.

For more proper symbols to represent tabs, return, cursor pointer, …, in contexts of keyboard input, keyboard key symbol, visible glyph in text, programing character set, etc, see:

Today's tip for geeks.

Q: What to do when you see an attractive girl?

A: Rush out of sight quietly.

Samba's New Logo

Samba's old logo.
Samba Logo
Samba's new logo, 2011-05

The old logo is much better designed. It has spunk. The new is boring and lame.

For collection of logos of software, see: Logo Design in Software Industry.

Math: ID System, Number Base vs Number of Digits

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