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Apple.com website on . 1076×958

Death of Steve Jobs; Apple and Google Screenshots

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Larry Wall signature

Updated: Perl Books Survey 2002.

“Truly Ergonomic Keyboard” has Docked!

Big news. The years-in-coming “Truly Ergonomic Keyboard” has arrived. This just might prove to be the ultimate emacs keyboard.

truly ergonomic keyboard 2
“Truly Ergonomic Keyboard”

If you haven't heard about this keyboard before, see my arm-chair philosophy here: How to Chose Ergonomic Keyboards. If you wonder why this keyboard is a big deal, see Computer Keyboard Design Flaws. Otherwise, go here to see keyboard lovers's on-hand discussion about it at: geekhack.org.

Thanks to @dotemacs for the tip.

Computer Keyboard Design Flaws. updated

Updated. Added a YouTube video and official site: μTRON Keyboard.

The Unix Pestilence: Stop Mac OS X DS Store and Unix .svn Source Control files

Humor: Java Rap

Windows: How to Remove “Win 7 Antivirus 2012”

ms n4000 keyboard front tilt
Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 with front tilt.

More update. Added more photos. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 Review

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110 tabs open in web browser

Web Browser Tab Management: One Hundred Tabs Open in Browser?

How to Choose a Keyboard with Good Function Keys

see Why Function Keys F1 F2 Are Useful

Python vs Lisp: comp.lang newsgroup spittle

On 2011-12-04, Eduardo Costa asked in comp.lang.lisp:

I pose the questions below out of sheer curiosity, not to cause outbursts of indignation. That said, here are my questions.

… I noticed that many LISP programmers and universities are switching to Python, even to teach AI. For instance, Norvig and the people at MIT replaced Scheme with Python. My own experience with Python was dismaying. The language is much slower than SBCL. There is no tail call optimization. No macros. Then, my first question is ... Why Python?

Xah Lee wrote:

… Python has more readable syntax, more modern computer language concepts, and more robust libraries. These qualities in turn made it popular.

Tim Bradshaw wrote:

Yet you still post here [comp.lang.lisp]: why?

i don't like Python, and i prefer emacs lisp. The primary reason is that Python is not functional, especially with Python 3. The Python community is full of fanatics with their drivels. In that respect, it's not unlike Common Lisp community and Scheme lisp community.

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Logitech Gaming Mouses Review

anime girl coming out of screen
Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) coming out of screen.

Hatsune Miku: Computer Generated Virtual Doll Singing in Real Life

Microsoft Discontinued SideWinder Gaming Mouse X8

Microsoft sidewinder x8 mouse 2
Microsoft sidewinder x8 mouse. Buy at amazon

It looks like Microsoft has discontinued its SideWinder Gaming mouse X8. It's quite a pity. This mouse was just introduced in 2009, with several advanced technologies. • Charger with magnetic connector. • Wireless. • Blue laser tracking. • Tilt scroll wheel. • 4000 DPI. For review, see: Microsoft SideWinder Mouse Review.

According to online rumors, Microsoft discontinued it not because of poor sale, but rather, too much competition from many companies that are dedicated to gaming devices. It appears that Microsoft has discontinued the entire SideWinder brand. (i wasn't able to confirm this 100%) Some of the models such as SideWinder X8 mouse are no longer listed on Microsoft's site, but they still sell some other models of gaming keyboard and mouse.

ferrite bead usb cable 13751
USB cable Bump. image source

What's the Ugly Cylinder at the End of Computer USB Cables?

Mac vs PC

Mac vs PC
Mac vs PC. (author unknown)

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