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xubuntu system tray icons missing

in Ubuntu 14.04, when running xfce (xubuntu), the system tray (notification area) icons is missing. That is, you don't see your internet connection status, sound volume, etc.

the problem is Ubuntu Unity's “indicator plugin”. It is some kinda replacement, but doesn't work well. Kill it, and icons will show in your old system tray.

to find all the process fullname, do

grep -ef | grep indicator

then, killall indicator-application-service

there are few others, starting with “indicator-”.

linux xfce session and startup 2016-06-29
linux xfce session and startup

goto control panel, “Sessions and Startup”, in the autostart tab, uncheck the Indicator stuff.

Linux: What's Zeitgeist, How to Uninstall It

in Ubuntu linux, there's this Zeitgeist daemon. It logs your activities, for the same reason you don't want to be on Windows.

OCaml Tutorial: Function (rewrite. For beginner. My learning notes.)

amazon $50 tablet

amazong fire tablet 82660
amazon Fire tablet

amazon is selling tablets for $50. Buy at amazon

must be some kinda theory of economy. like, suck u in first, than make u do.

why syntax is more important than semantics

the guy who started the idiotic chant among hackers that semantics is more important than syntax, is probably Matthias Felleisen.

Method Chaining, Postfix Operator, and OOP

xfce vs lxde

after many back and forth over the years, i really want to like lxde, but prefer xfce.

pros of lxde: more energy efficient than xfce. GUI simpler and functional. Things Just work. Doc is excellent.

xfce you have to diddle a lot, things don't work, confusing UI, incomplete or non-existent doc.

lxde major problem: no display composition = sometimes tear&freeze, drag image is opaque, this is a problem, not just prettiness issue.

lxde major problem 2: No key to switch window of current app (and no, can't be easily scripted neither).

Programing Language Tutorials Index

now phone friendly (that is, display well in small screen). Best there are JavaScript, then emacs lisp then python.

unicode white flower

Unicode Search

a passage of process 2016-06-13
a passage of process


hi im cortana 21221

Siri, Cortana, Ok Google, Are the Future of AI, the Embodiment of AI

xfce window focus bug

lots focus bug mouse hover to raise window, in xfce ubuntu 14.04. upgrading to xfce14.12, then you got wmctrl problem. 4 hours wasted.

here's the detail.

Activating a window from the taskbar doesn't focus it when 'focus follows mouse' https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfwm4/+bug/1292122

now, its supposedly fixed. See: http://git.xfce.org/xfce/xfwm4/commit/?id=1a20a88

so, now you upgrade xfce to 4.12. Linux: How to Upgrade Xfce

but now, there's wmctrl problem. That is, when you use the wmctrl tool to switch window wmctrl -xa emacs, it won't focus, only raise.

if you turn off mouse raise window, then the problem goes away. But, i want mouse raise window.

sad face.

Linux: How to Upgrade Xfce

How Find Xfce Version?

Lisp Apostrophe Quote 'f Came From MacLisp

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