Can you install Linux on Chromebook?

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Chromebook is all in the talks.

Chromebook pixel keyboard 2015 a202d288
Chromebook Pixel keyboard, exactly the same config as Chromebook keyboard. Chromebook Pixel

There are small cheap ones, costing few hundred dollars, then there are big expensive ones, such as Chromebook pixel Chromebook Pixel

I wondered whether it is useful for programers on the go, running unix shell bag, coding python, web dev, run database, emacs, etc.

short answer: no.

Can you install Linux on Chromebook?

am looking to buy a laptop.

Apple's out, because the price/meat ratio is about 2 times higher than competitors.

so, that leaves Chromebook and normal Windows laptop.

first question about Chromebook is, can i install full Linux? am not much interested in ChromeOS. Am gonna use this for dev, python ruby database, html, javascript, node.js etc.

Can you install Linux on Chromebook?

yes, but not the normal way.

You have to go thru unsupported hackery process such as turn on developer mode, which adds 10 secs to boot time, then other hackery process to get going. Or, another option is booting up with Chrome OS and run Linux on top, again, not good.

you can read about the complexities here:

Running linux on Chromebook, tech detail

Horror stories of running linux on chromebook. After a ChromeOS update, your Linux is screwed. Good luck recovering your data. October 19th, 2013.

some possibel choices: