Meal on a Pill

By Xah Lee. Date: .

so, there is this thing called MRE. It stands for Military Ready to Eat. it's popular among the imminent apocalypse types. humm, i'd like to have a bite.

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MRE meal ready to eat

you need to buy a box of it, because, when zombie comes, those without, will become. But you, stay human and well fed. Note, it arrives before Christmas.

in my 20s and 30s, i frequently eat artificial meals. Slimfast et al, protein bars/powder. The idea is meal by a pill. The final, efficient, answer to the pesky problem of eating, by science! (if you don't care about taste, which, for me, i don't care much)

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in recent years, the meal by pill idea is Soylent. Seems popular among tech geekers in San Francisco Bay Area. i never tasted it though.

note that, some 20 years of trying meal by pill in hoping to become a human machine, but in later life i learned, we don't have the full science down yet. e.g. if your mouth never chew, you dev problems. and if you live on soylent for a year, you'll dev psychological problems.

since ~2010, am somewhat on calorie restriction diet, on and off. Meaning, you stay 30% hungry AT ALL TIMES. (but maintain essential nutrients) The science aspect is, it reduces aging process, but the mechanism and effect on human is not fully known yet.

I did calorie restriction diet, because, in combination of: need (poverty), and a habitual nerd based (profane) ascetic life style, and partly wishful thinking on the anti-aging result. All 3 reasons, seems to work out fine for me.

This guy, reviews the British MRE (military ready to eat)

2018 British Single Meal Ration Pack MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat Taste Testing

it's quite accidentally funny due to the way he go about it. And, these MRE seems actually pretty nice. Though, you prob don't want to be stuck with them everyday.