pngquant sucks

By Xah Lee. Date: .

pngquant sucks

there's a idiotic program called pngquant.

it reduces png file size by a lossy compression.

if you want lossy, goto jpg or webp

why pngquant sucks

The point of png is not lossy at all. To humans, u can't discern. To machine's eye, yes. So, pngquant taints the picture. Faaked up the png name.

The author, is, i'd deem a selfish faak. To create such a thing. Because, to those unknow, they'd think, omg, this great new tech, crushes png so much , far better than competitiors. But, the guy actually cheated, and faaked up the good png name and tech. Now, WHO, is the pngquant author? A faakhead. The pngquant author, is like many other faakhead in software, who, did things to promote himself and harmed the whole tech. Examples include: C, C++, unix, perl, npm. And emacs dash.

Friends, if down the road, your kids thinks that png files are full of fuzzy edges just like, jpg, you have to thank to that faakhead

pngquant 2021-01-10 RVw2w
pngquant 2021-01-10

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