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Some collection of quotes about computer programming.

The basis of computer languages' merit lies in their mathematical properties. It is this metric, that we should use as a guide for direction. As an analogy, we measure the quality of a hammer by scientific principles: ergonomics, material (weight, hardness. . .), construction, statistical analysis of accidents/productivity/… …etc., not by vogue or lore. If we go by feelings and preferences, hammer's future will deviate and perhaps become dildos or maces.

—Xah Lee in comp.lang.lisp, July 2000. the Measure of a Language

Perl's gluing ability goes beyond computation, to people. To the poor and have-nots. It unites people in the computing field who are not endowed with fancy engaging brains. It is the sanctuary of dunces. The expressions of those thoughtless. The godsend for brainless coders. The means and banner of sys admins. The lingua franca of trial-and-error hackers. The song and dance of stultified engineers.

—Xah Lee in comp.lang.lisp, December 2000. Perl's raison d'être

If people are sane, if the world keeps moving forward, if we intellectuals keep fulfilling our duty of education, then good things will spread, and happiness will rain on earth.

    Xah Lee in comp.lang.lisp, July 2000

Never manually insert line breaks for display purposes. FCK all coding/documentation conventions. Break the 80-char per line of the 1970s that came from punch cards. —Xah Lee,

java quotes

how to write hello world in 3 thousand lines = Java. —Xah Lee, 2012

Java and Hackers relationship: 1997: Microsoft's days are numbered. 2000: the Java Trap. 2006: software freedom. 2011: blood sucker. —Xah Lee, 2012

“Welcome to the new decade: Java is a restricted platform, Google is evil, Apple is a monopoly and Microsoft are the underdogs” — Phil Nash

btw, if you want to write a app for Apple's iPhone, you basically have to use Objective C. And for writing apps for Android phone, you pretty much have to write in Java. Both sucks big time.

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