Using Projector as Display

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Using Projector as Display

yesterday, went with roommates to shopping center. Saw that projectors are so cheap now. Starting at $60, e.g.

Vankyo Leisure 3 Projector 0baf9
Vankyo Leisure 3 2400 Lux LED Projector

Around 2001, i thought of using a projector instead of monitor. Turns out, doesn't work that way back then. Because, projector is a very hot lamp. They can be used for few hours only, and eats lots electricity. Not sure if still true today. But today, huge monitor is cheap.

Now amazon has articles written by experts on things you can buy. e.g. They test out all the products, and tell you which are the best. Here's their article on best projectors

[The Best Projectors of 2018 By Max Mutter And Steven Tata. At ]

How Projector Works

Magic Lantern 88d97
Magic Lantern [image source File:Magic Lantern.jpg]

this is how a projector works, in the beginning. Like, light shines thru a tainted window.

overhead projector hyzo9
overhead projector [image source File:OHP-sch.JPG]

then, we have overhead projector, popular in 1990s and 2000s. The light shines at the bottom upwards. Then there's a “condensor” lens below the slide that condenses light into a point. At top, a reflector projects it to a wall.

modern projectors, are video projectors. e.g. amazon The tech is varied and quickly gets incomprehensible. The most basic tech, call LCD projector, is imagine your LCD monitor shrinked into stamp size, and a light shines thru it.

Chinese Magic Mirror

Just for fun, here's a Chinese Magic Mirror.

Chinese Magic Mirror Buy at amazon