Syntax Soup Kaleidoscope

  1. What Are Good Qualities of Syntax?
  2. OOP Dot Notation Idiocy
  3. Unix Pipe as Functional Language
  4. Method Chaining, Postfix Operator, and OOP
  5. Ontology of Postfix Notation, Method Chaining, and Unix Pipe
  6. What's the Definition of Operator in Computer Language?
  7. JS Syntax Soup 「p in o」
  8. Python 「… in …」 And 「… not in …」
  9. Context Dependent Syntax, Lisp setf, Python a[i]=x
  10. Java Array Syntax Soup
  11. Why List Comprehension is Bad
  12. Point-Free Function Syntax
  13. Problems of Symbol Congestion; ASCII vs Unicode
  14. on String Syntax
  15. Syntax Sugar Problem: Irregularity vs Convenience
  16. What Does it Mean When a Programing Language Claims “Whitespace is Insignificant”?
  17. On Constructed Languages, Computer Languages, and Their Grammar Complexity
  18. Hack of Bitmask as Boolean Parameters
  19. Syntax, Formal Language, Pattern Matching
  20. Formal Definition of Systematic Grammar
  21. Composable Syntax
  22. Syntax Algebra
  23. OCaml “let” Syntax Sucks
  24. If Then Else Ternary Expression
  25. Programing Languages Sugar Syntax: Compiler Level vs User Level
  26. Programing Style: camelCase vs snake_case
  27. What's the Most Readable Computer Language Syntax?
  28. JavaScript Not Context-Free!