Why Windows User Interface Suck

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Really, whoever Microsoft representative or those metro demo boys, give them a kick on their asses. These mafaakers sporting dark theme, but half of their apps still white as snow.

Windows 10 User Interface Problem 2021-02-02
Windows 10 User Interface Problem 2021-02-02

Wtf. Settings and control panel like a criple twin. Ease of access repeated, each are actually different and after a few clicks the pretty one goes to its ugly big brother. Similar for other setting apps. And the Windows make sure there are a hundred way to get into one place like a spider web. Many app still ugly bitmapped images.

Truly amazing, windows has all these petty problems, 30 years, still the same. For example, when the comp sleeps, and i also sleep, then in mid of night, the comp starts up, fans blowing, it's like wtf, someone network hacked my comp? Like who the faak would create a system like that. While such problem never happens on Mac?

Then u look at windows's settings or options, it's pretty incomprehensible. You tweak this knob and that switch for hours and days just to see what is its effect. And amazing, such problem just don't happen on the mac, for 30 years. Design, is the word.

And comes windows 8 or 10, with cleancut boys on stage them design gurus telling u about how they designed metro sparkling. Then, i start to use windows, realize faaaking half of the windows settings UI is still from 90s with tiny unresizable window. Amazing. Amazing incredible faak. Truely.

windows 10 folder option 2021-02-03
windows unresizable faak

It's not like a oversight. But blatant half of the setting apps are from 1990s user interface untouched. WHO, the faak pretty face boys on stage yabbling about how beautiful is windows new UI design while half of its setting UI is still from 90s?

So, a person ran into this situation, it's natural to ask, why how possibly did this happen? And, i've thought about this fairly a bit over the years, and i think i know the reason. They don't care. It's not cuz Microsoft lacks smart designers or brain. Tons of great engineers and designers and coders exist, at Microsoft. But for multiple reasons, they are roughly:

Now , this is a story of computing industry, our industry. We have incredible faak such as this, but almost nobody mentions it. While the python haskell mafaakers and linux, think all's good, and telling u about idioms and formatting etc what to do. (btw, unix and linux is worse so shaddap.)

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