Windows Elevation Prompt Idiocy

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

While you are working on Windows all of a sudden out of the blue popus up this root tiny window are you sure, while your entire 30 inch screen becomes pitch black cant see what were you doing before this intrusion. By the way, unix linux is worse so you shaddap.

Windows 10 elevation prompt 2021-06-09
Windows 10 elevation prompt
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[Why does the elevation prompt have only the wallpaper as its background? By Raymond Chen. At ]

Window, ugly faak, always have tech excuses. These ugly futter almost never happen on mac. Why? Painstaking design and attention to detail. Few other software are like that. Mathematica, and xah software. But often, great design software are killed by hack faaks. Unix and c are examples, with slogan unix philosophy and fast, whose cause of popularity is known as Worse Is Better.

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