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Emacs: Xah Fly Keys (minor update, and added more screenshots)

there are some git pull request. Sorry, i haven't got to them yet.

xah emacs accolade 2018-01-25

xah emacs accolade 2018 01 25 76695
xah emacs accolade 2018-01-25 [ https://twitter.com/jjasghar/status/956719416053567488 accessed: 2018-01-25]


browser vs emacs complexity

how many times more complex (as man hours) is a modern browser (e.g. chrome, Firefox) to emacs, write from scratch?

vote at [ https://twitter.com/ErgoEmacs/status/955763361836232704 accessed: 2018-01-23]

xah reddit channel

been posting to my reddit r/Xah. see https://www.reddit.com/r/Xah/

just trying it out. If you are reddit user, find my post on reddit as convenient, vote up my posts. If i don't see much user, i'll stop doing it.

also, since i have blogs on emacs, JavaScript, programing, and other topics, do let me know what you want to see, so i can shape up what kinda things i post there.

Emacs: Open File in External App 🚀 (more update.)

xah-show-in-desktop fixed a bug when file path contains space, in MacOS.

ask Xah, 2018-01-07


emacs abbrev for English and templates

if you haven't mastered emacs abbrev yet, do today.

about a year ago, tried to abbrev most frequently used words in English to save typing, and am very happy with it, e.g.

i also have 1 thousand others for elisp, JavaScript, css, html, golang, etc.

here's how to setup Emacs: Abbrev Mode by Lisp Code