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emacs video, demo of image scale/crop/convert jpg/png commands

emacs video, demo of image scale/crop/convert jpg/png commands

Code at Emacs: xah-dired.el

Best Unicode Fonts for Programer (minor update)

emacs lisp processing files

wikipedia links 2018-12-26 a7c9a
wikipedia links 2018-12-26

changing all Wikipedia links to https. #Emacs xah-find.el Emacs: Find Replace in Pure Elisp, xah-find.el comes to the rescue.

most Wikipedia links page 2018-12-26 1fb1e
most Wikipedia links page 2018-12-26 1fb1e

the page with the most change is Writer's Words Writer's Words, More 188 Wikipedia links

See also, 7142 links to Wikipedia Links to Wikipedia from Xah Sites generated by a emacs lisp script. Emacs Lisp: Generate Web Links Report

i learned about gumroad, a site to control and make money for creators https://gumroad.com/

via sachachua http://sachachua.com/

sachachua has her sketch notes and learning emacs stuff free or by pay any amount if you like see https://gumroad.com/l/sketchnotes2014 and https://gumroad.com/l/VDxP

Emacs: Lookup Web, xah-lookup.el

updated. changed xah-lookup-googlexah-lookup-web

random number algorithm in emacs

i wonder what algorithm emacs lisp (random) use. i bet it's a bad linear congruential generator of 80s. someone prove me wrong. (am on Mac, don't have access to linux now. ... maybe i should lookup the repo on the web)

see pseudo random number

Linux: Make CapsLock Do Home Key

UHK 20181214 split 0dfd2-s289x216
xah-fly-keys with Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

Emacs Lisp: Buffer Functions

Emacs: Dired Sort File by Time, Size 🚀

code update. now works with macOS

real time emacs lisp coding, a command to add br

Manuals is a thing of the past

Manuals is a thing of the past. They are replaced by intuitive UI design, with on-the-fly tips or inline tips or web search based answers.

Most major software stopped printing manual since y2k. And no manual at all since 2010s, with onset of web app phone app software.

context [ https://twitter.com/magit_emacs/status/1076119139578728450 accessed: 2018-12-21]

emacs fill/unfill rant

on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/a6ncl0/what happened to emacswiki/ec7s5zj/

if one just want simple solution, it's here

Emacs: Hard Wrap Lines Emacs: Hard Wrap Lines, fill

you can see here on stackoverflow 2011, Steve Purcell answered it with link to my site, and said he made it into a package. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6707758/inverse-of-m-q-an-unfill-paragraph-function

(by the way Steve Purcell is a very nice guy, runs MELPA, and a better coder than me.)

there are earlier answers of the same question on stackoverflow using my code. you can tell by the magic number i used

(fill-column 90002000)

i've since removed it. people complain that it should be

(fill-column most-positive-fixnum)

of course, am not the first one who wrote unfill. I remember seeing it on emacswiki.org , and elsewhere before.

The new one:

Emacs: Toggle Line Wrap Emacs: Reformat Lines (Hard-Wrap lines, fill) 🚀

does do better, because it toggles.

and the other version:

Emacs: Reformat Lines for Source Code Emacs: Reformat Lines for Source Code 🚀

is good because it can be reliably used for source code that are so called Whitespace Insignificant programing languages. [see What Does it Mean When a Programing Language Claims “Whitespace is Insignificant”?]

Dear SpacemacsMasterRace, thanks for reading my site though. :D seriousness aside.

what am i supposed to do? get inline and package stuff into a lunchbox and get rich quick?

well, there is more to it. emacs should have unfill builtin. it was a major criticism and frequently asked questions since at least 20 years ago. (i vaguely recall something like that happened in recent years. i did a quick apropos but apparently it's not there. Perhaps it was in some package, maybe in org mode.)

and the terminology should be changed. It's not fill/unfill bananas, it's hard wrap/unwrap. This touches on linguistics and communication efficiency, the art and science of jargons.

and, programers should be ban'd from this fill thing. The tradition of “truncating lines”, came from punch cards, and the damage was championed by unix geeks (note: not lisp geeks. unix geeks and lisp geeks were at war). and i have one thousand articles about it.

down the rabbit hole. am hopeless.

Emacs: Evaluate Elisp Code

minor update

See also: Emacs: narrow-to-defun, eval-defun, bug

xah-fly-keys issue on reddit SES and Input Method problems, Mode-Line Config, TTY Caps Lock → Home Key.

https://www.reddit.com/r/xahflykeys/comments/a7qczh/xah fly keys ses and input method problems/

Why Emacs Keys are Painful (updated old screenshots)

Emacs Lisp: Get Dired Marked Files (on its own page)

Emacs: Reformat Lines for Source Code 🚀

update code. Now put cursor at the end when command is done.

actually, just reverted it back. undecided

Best Keyboards for Emacs

Emacs and RSI, Charlie Stross

emacs rsi Charlie Stross 2018-12-15 83bca
Emacs RSI Charlie Stross 2018-12-15 [ https://twitter.com/cstross/status/1073958017975140353 accessed: 2018-12-15]

got this Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

Just did a unboxing video, and already configured it to use with xah-fly-keys. Been using it for a day now. Going to update that page in the coming weeks.

emacs, RSI, nomads and monads

comes the day, someone heard of me because their dad told them. A living legend!

nomads and monads by beatrix 2018-11-30 c8209
[Software Engineering and the Scientific Imagination: Past, Present, and Possible Futures, or, How to Stop Building Faster Horses By Beatrix. At klebe.blog ]

Emacs: 1 Key for M-x (on its own page)

Emacs: Alias (updated)

on xah-fly-keys vs evil, chinese

an online friend, comment on xah-fly-keys vs evil

[xah-fly-keys 使用总结 By Pengpengxp. At https://pengpengxp.github.io/emacs/summary_of_xah_fly_keys.html ]

Thanks a lot to many people this year using and supporting Emacs: Xah Fly Keys 谢谢大家支持

latest version of xah emacs tutorial

sorry guys, i haven't send it out the update yet. Will do in next couple of days.

#emacs. integration of xah-fly-keys with spacemacs


i hope it gets in. Am going to spend some time with spacemacs and see if i can help in anyway.

Emacs Lisp Naming Convention

from last year, now on its own page

Emacs Lisp: Print, Output. updated.

Emacs: Find Replace in Pure Elisp, xah-find.el updated. added back printing a “done” at the end.

Emacs Lisp: URL to HTML Link

xah-html-url-linkify now grabs url or filepath instead of line.

also updated in Emacs: Xah HTML Mode

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