Why Run Shell in Emacs

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Advantage of Running Shell in Emacs

emacs shell 2016-07-18
Emacs Alt+x shell

Disadvantage of Running Shell in Emacs

Some of the interactive software problems above can be solved by Alt+x term. But i don't recommend it because that introduces other complexities. For one thing, your normal emacs keys don't work anymore.

I run common daily unix commands in emacs shell. But for installing something new (For example, ruby/python/js package manager), or some new 3rd party unix command i've never used before, i goto a dedicated terminal app to avoid complexity/confusion.

Run Common Linux Command in Emacs

For common commands, such as ls, cd, mkdir, find, grep, you should do them all in emacs.

I used dired for these.

[see Emacs: File Manager, dired]

Shell in Emacs

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