26.10.2 Org as an authoring system

You may want to format your Org notes nicely and to prepare them for export and publication. To export the current buffer, type C-c C-e (org-export-dispatch) anywhere in an Org buffer. This command prompts for an export format; currently supported formats include HTML, LaTeX, Texinfo, OpenDocument (.odt), iCalendar, Markdown, man-page, and PDF. Some formats, such as PDF, require certain system tools to be installed.

To export several files at once to a specific directory, either locally or over the network, you must define a list of projects through the variable org-publish-project-alist. See its documentation for details.

Org supports a simple markup scheme for applying text formatting to exported documents:

- This text is /emphasized/
- This text is *in bold*
- This text is _underlined_
- This text uses =a teletype font=

``This is a quote.''

This is an example.

For further details, Exporting in The Org Manual, and Publishing in The Org Manual.