Linux: How to Convert WEBP to JPG

By Xah Lee. Date: .

To convert webp to jpg format:

Install Webp Tools

# install webp
sudo apt-get install webp

(Ubuntu version 16)

After that, you'll have the following command line tools:

WebP encoder tool
WebP decoder tool
WebP file viewer
WebP muxing tool
Tool for converting GIF images to WebP

Convert From WebP to JPG

# convert from webp to png
dwebp mycat.webp -o mycat.png

The dwebp tool can convert webp image to a non-lossy format such as png. After you got png, you can use other tool to convert it to jpg. Such as imagemagic. [see ImageMagick Tutorial]

Convert from JPG to WebP

# convert from jpg to webp
cwebp filename -o filename

Image/Video Tutorial