Web Browser Market Share 2010-02

By Xah Lee. Date:

This page is a report on web browser market share, based on traffic of xahlee.org in the past 30 days. (of 240k visits, 683k page views, vast majority of visitors are from US). Stat source is Google Analytics.

web browser market share 2010-03
web browser market share 2010-03.

Basically, Firefox and IE together eat 73% of the pie. Firefox has slight lead over IE.

Chrome and Safari competes head to head, each taking about 10%. Opera remains the ugly duck in the 2% range. Opera has been like that in the past decade. (Opera's marketing people are rather idiots.)

Here's a similar stat from w3schools.com:


For historical trends and future trends with more comprehensive report, see: Browser war and Usage share of web browsers.

Outsite of tech audience, IE still leads overs Firefox by quite a bit.

Internet Explorer Market Share by IE Versions

It's interesting to look at what versions is IE.

web browser market share IE 2010-03
Market share of IE versions.

We see that majority (52%) has switched to IE 8 (released in 2009). A 30% are still with IE 7 (released in 2006). Most interesting, is that a whopping 17% is stuck with IE 6, released in 2001!

Who Are Using IE 6?

So, who are using IE 6?? Looks like IE 6 is the top browser in China and Korea:

Though, my xahlee.org's visitors are mostly from English speaking countries, mostly US, then Euro, India. So, this must mean that there are still lots people using IE 6 in US.

Note that Google recently announced stopping support for IE 6, see: googleenterprise.blogspot.com.

Firefox Version Breakdown

92%3.5 or 3.6

OS Breakdown


Here's the stat from w3schools.com:


Apparently, my website has twice the number of Mac users, and also twice the number of Linux users, than visitors of w3schools.com. This makes sense because half of my site's content is dedicated to programing on unix/linux, and i use mac in the past 20 years.

According to more generic stat sites, for example, statcounter.com or w3counter.com, Linux use is less than 2%, Mac is 5% to 8%.

JavaScript, Flash, Java


Here's the percent people who has JavaScript off, from w3schools.com:

DateJavaScript Off

Note they don't have info for 2009 or 2010. Some web search indicates that 2% don't have JavaScript on today.


Wikipedia quote: “… General web stat estimates 95%, while Adobe claims 98% to 99.3%…”.

Here's stats from statowl.com:

PluginPast 6 Month Average
(2009-09 to 2001-02)
Flash Support96.43%
Java Support81.17%
Windows Media Player Support72.02%
Quicktime Support62.92%
SilverLight Support39.02%


From xahlee.org, 86.27% has Java (13.73% doesn't).

Server Stats

For stat report on servers and hosting services, see: netcraft.com.

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