Content Management Shootout 2006

By Xah Lee. Date:

This page is some haphazard comments about content management systems.

Apparently, Mac OS X Server since 10.4 has a weblog engine built-in that can be turned on thru the Server Admin Web panel.


The blog engine that is bundled with OS X is a modified version of blojsom: See Blojsom

Blojsom is a java based blog ware, inspired by Blosxom, which is coded in Perl.

And no, the output generated by Apple's blojsom does not pass web tech validation. See

Blosxom and its derivatives is a single file based blog engine and saves it's data as plain files. No database needed.

Wiki Engines

The one wiki engine i've used almost daily since 2003 is Mediawiki. It is incredibly fantastic. It is used by Wikipedia. One very interesting aspect of it is that its outputs are valid XHTML files.

Another wiki i've used maybe 30 times or so in the past few months is: Oddmuse. It is used by the emacs community at:

The entire source code is in a single file under 4000 lines of perl.

Oddmuse is also file based. It also passes validation:

Another wiki recently i saw a demo is: Xoops It is written in PHP and uses MySQL database. It does not pass validation.

MoinMoin, written in Python, uses flat files as database. Though, a layer for relational database is in the works.

Cliki. This one is written in Common Lisp. Nice.

Here's a compendium of CMS:

I'm looking for one with roughly these criterions:

JS in Depth