HTML5 Tags

HTML Basics

  1. HTML Basics
  2. Case Sensitivity HTML XML CSS JS
  3. Allowed Characters in id Attribute
  4. Character Sets and Encoding
  5. List of Self-Closing Tags
  6. Multiple Class Value
  7. HTML/XML Entity List


  1. Simple Table Example
  2. Table with thead, tbody, tfoot
  3. Table Examples with colgroup and col
  4. Styling Table with CSS


  1. HTML5 Custom Data Attribute
  2. HTML5 Video Tutorial
  3. HTML5 Audio Tag Tutorial
  4. HTML5 figure, figurecaption
  5. Image Maps
  6. How to Embed Video with Valid HTML
  7. Browser Auto Refresh
  8. HTML Marquee: Scrolling Text, Rolling Images

Frameset, Iframe

  1. HTML: Iframe
  2. HTML: Split Windows; Frameset
  3. HTML Nested Frameset
  4. HTML: using “Object” tag for “Iframe”


  1. HTML ruby Annotation Example
  2. HTML: How to Markup Subtitle
  3. HTML Meta Language Tag Obsolete
  4. HTML: What's the Difference Between “s” vs “strike” vs “del” Tags