Confusing Terminology in JavaScript/DOM: tag, element, node, object, attribute, property, method

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JavaScript/DOM scripting is really confusing. You have terms like {tag, element, node, object} and then {attribute, property, method}.

• “tag” is really the informal term for “name of a node”, or it may refers to the string {<…>, </…>}. ⁖ we say “opening tag”, “closing tag”. Am not sure it's officially defined.

• “element” is the official/formal term for technically a node of a HTML document. ⁖ represented by the string <p>something</p>.

• “node” refers to a node of DOM, but in practice, it more often refers to a element of XML (as opposed to HTML). However, note that the text content of a HTML/XML element is also a node. ⁖ the “xyz” in <p>xyz</p> is a child node of the element “p”. So, node isn't just element. By W3C spec, the empty spaces between elements are actually a node too, but browser implementation differs.

• “object” is basically a parsed node in browser. But in another sense, technically, it refers to certain things in DOM, ⁖ {location, navigator, window, clientInformation, clipboardData, documentType, …}. Of course, “object” also refers to JavaScript's object in a technical sense. 〔➤ What's Object in JavaScript?

• “attribute” is basically a property of a node in HTML/XML. Mostly, it refers to things like {id, class, href, width, height, title, …} of a HTML element, or arbitrary such in XML. ⁖ in <x y="z">3</x>, the “y” is a attribute. However, JavaScript the language also has “attribute”, that is different from its “properties”. For example, every JavaScript object has 3 attributes {prototype, extensible, class}. 〔➤ Understanding JavaScript Object System

• “property” in DOM is more general, ⁖ { .length, .name, .nodeName, .parent .onclick, .baseURL, .characterSet, .color, …} are all properties.

• “method” can mean JavaScript's OOP methods, or it can mean a method in DOM, which is often also a “property” of a node. ⁖ nodeName is a method and also a property, but getElementById is a method, not property. In some sense, you can think of property as a OOP method that doesn't have any argument.

all these terms are not used consistently among docs (⁖ Mozilla vs Microsoft), and am not sure they even have precise definition.

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