JavaScript: What's Array-Like Object?

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What is a array-like object?

A object such that:

  1. has property names of consecutive non-negative integers {0, 1, 2, …}.
  2. has a property length with a value that's the number of these properties.
  3. is not a true array. That is, Array.isArray(obj) returns false.

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What is the difference between true array object and array-like object?

For a true array, value of length will automatically change. For array-like object, value of length will not automatically change.

// create a array-like object
var a1 = {0:"a", 1:"b" , length:2};
a1[2] = 99;
console.log(a1.length) // 2
// length would be 3 if it's a true array

// real array
var a2 = ["a", "b"];
a2[2] = 99;
console.log(a2.length) // 3

Real array object's parent is Array.prototype, therefore, it has methods such as map.

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Array-like object's parent (if it has a parent) is not Array.prototype. Therefore, you cannot call array methods directly as in…).

But you can call array methods on array-like object like this:, …).

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How to check if a object is true array?


Where does array-like object came from?

In DOM, method such as document.getElementsByClassName returns the object NodeList or HTMLCollection, and they are array-like objects.

JavaScript's arguments object is a array-like object.

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// “arguments” inside function is a predefined array-like object

function ff(x,y) {

ff("a", "b");

// prints

// 2
// a
// b
// false
// [ '0', '1', 'length', 'callee' ]

How to convert array-like object to array?

JavaScript: How to Convert a Array-Like Object to Array?

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