JS: Define Function

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There are 3 ways to create a function.

  1. By Arrow Function expression. (ES2015)
  2. By the keyword function. Either as expression or as declaration.
  3. By constructor with keyword Function. (good for creating function at run-time.)

Arrow function

Arrow function is the most simple and useful.


((x,y) => x + y)

((x,y) => {return x + y})

Arrow function is a expression. It returns a value that represents the function. You can assign it to a variable to give the function a name.

[see JS: Arrow Function]

Keyword 「function」

The keyword function lets you define a function. The syntax is:

function name(…) {…}

or without a name.

function (…) {…}

Its value represents a function.

Function as Expression

You can create a function without a name.

// function expression, applied on the spot
    (function () { return 3; })()
); // prints 3
// function expression with one parameter, applied on the spot
    (function (x) { return x; })(4)
); // prints 4

You can assign a function to a variable. In effect, giving the function a name.

// function expression, assigned to a variable
const g = function () { return 3; };
console.log(g()); // prints 3

Tip: you can always use this form const name = function (…) {…}; to define all your functions. The advantage is that you don't have name hoisting complexity, and can have function inside function or curly brace blocks. [see JS: Function Declaration vs Function Expression]

Define Function by Declaration

The most common and practical way is by function declaration.

function f() { return 3; }
); // 3

function g(x) { return x; }
); // 2

function h(x,y) { return x+y; }
); // prints 2

Define Function by Constructor

[see JS: Function Constructor]

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