JS: Function Rest Parameters

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New in ES2015.

A function can have unspecified number of parameters, like this:

function ff (...name) { return name; }

That is, 3 dots followed by a name. In function body, the name is received as a array.

This is called “rest parameters”.

The syntax ...name must be the last in the parameter declaration. Space after the dots is optional.

The syntax ...name can only happen once.

// function with any number of parameters
function ff (a, b, ...c)
return c; // c is received as array

); // [3, 4]

If no rest parameter is given, value is a empty array.

// rest params, if non given, value is empty array
function f1 (...r) { return r; };
console.log( f1() ); // []

ECMAScript 2015 §ECMAScript Language: Functions and Classes#sec-function-definitions

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