How to Run JavaScript

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There are 3 major ways to run JavaScript code.

  1. Browser JavaScript console.
  2. Node.js, run in terminal.
  3. In HTML file in a browser.

Following are details of each.

Browser JavaScript Console

A good way to learn JavaScript is to run it in browser's JavaScript console.

See: JS: How to Use Browser Console.

chrome js console 2019-06-12 88y88
chrome JavaScript console 2019-06-12

Using node.js

Another good way to test JavaScript code is “node.js”. With node.js, you can run JavaScript like a shell script in terminal.

Download at

You can run it interactively. Type node to start the interactive prompt. Type 【Ctrl+d】 to exit.

nodejs 2019-06-12 vt7xj
nodejs 2019-06-12

You can also run it as shell script.

For example, create a file named myscript.js, then put this in the content:

console.log (2+3);

Then, you can run the script in shell like this: node myscript.js. (For emacs users, you can eval the JavaScript code in a buffer directly. See: Emacs Lisp: a Command to Execute/Compile Current File)

Embedding JavaScript in HTML

To evaluate a piece of JavaScript code, you need to put JavaScript code in a HTML file and view the file in browser.

Here's how to embed JavaScript into HTML. Put the following into a file:


For example, name the file test.html. Then, open it in a browser.

If you have more than a few lines of JavaScript code, you can put the JavaScript code in a dedicated file, like this:

<script src="test2.js"></script>
  1. Create a file named test2.html, with the above content.
  2. Create a file named test2.js, with the content alert("hi2");.
  3. Open the file test2.html in browser.

Note: older tutorial may have “type” attribute like this:

<script type="text/javascript" src="x.js"></script>

But it is not necessary since html5.

JavaScript Basics

  1. JavaScript Basics
  2. true, false
  3. Operators
  4. Branch Control
  5. Loop
  6. Array Basics
  7. Object Basics
  8. RegExp Basics
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