How to Run JavaScript

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There are 3 major ways to run JavaScript code.

Following are details of each.

Browser JavaScript Console

A good way to learn JavaScript is to run it in browser's JavaScript console.

See: How to Use Browser Console .

Embedding JavaScript in HTML

The normal way for JavaScript to run, is to embed JavaScript code in a HTML file and view the file in browser. This is how web applications are written.

Here is how to embed JavaScript into HTML. Put the following into a file:


For example, name the file test.html. Then, open it in a browser.

If you have more than a few lines of JavaScript code, you can put the JavaScript code in a dedicated file, like this:

<script src="test2.js"></script>
  1. Create a file named test2.html, with the above content.
  2. Create a file named test2.js, with the content alert("hi2");.
  3. Open the file test2.html in browser.

Note: older tutorial may have β€œtype” attribute like this: <script type="text/javascript" src="x.js"></script> But it is not necessary since around year 2010 with html5.

Using Deno

Another good way to test JavaScript code is Deno. With deno, you can run JavaScript like a shell script in terminal.

Download Deno at

run deno interactively

deno js 2022-06-13 5cv36
deno js 2022-06-13 5cv36

run deno as as shell script

deno run test.js

Using Deno in Emacs

For emacs users, you can eval the JavaScript code in a buffer directly. See: Emacs: Run Current File

Using node.js

Alternative to deno is node.js. Ryan Dahl created node.js in 2009. Then, created a better version called deno in 2018.

I recommend using Deno.

JavaScript in Depth

JavaScript in Depth

Basic Syntax

Value Types





Object and Inheritance



Iterable 🌟