JS: Property Attributes

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Property Attributes

Each property has associated info called attribute.

ECMAScript® 2016 Language Specification#sec-property-attributes

For data property, their attributes are:

Data Property Attributes
attribute namemeaning
value The property's value.
writable When true, the property's value can be changed.
enumerable When true, the property shows in some loop constructs, such as for-in Loop. 〔►see JS: Access Property, List Properties
configurable If false, attempts to delete the property, change the property to be an accessor property, or change its attributes (other than [[Value]], or changing [[Writable]] to false) will fail.

For accessor property's attributes, see: JS: Getter/Setter Properties.

〔►see JS: Property Overview

Show Property Attributes

〔►see JS: Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor

〔►see JS: Reflect.getOwnPropertyDescriptor

Create/Modify Property Attributes

〔►see JS: Object.defineProperty

Create/Modify Multiple Properties

〔►see JS: Object.defineProperties

Checking Property's Enumerable Attribute

One convenient function is obj.propertyIsEnumerable(p).

This is convenient if you just want to check a property's enumerable attribute.

〔►see JS: Object.prototype.propertyIsEnumerable

Accessor Property's Attributes

Note: Accessor properties don't have “writable” nor “value” attribute. But getter property has a “getter” attribute, and setter property has a “setter” attribute. Their values are functions.

〔►see JS: Getter/Setter Properties

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