JS: How to Use Browser Console

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chrome js console 2016-10-27
Google Chrome browser web JavaScript console.

A fast way to try JavaScript code is to use browser's JavaScript console, usually under a menu named Developer Tool.

safari turn on web console 2017 09 24 85788
in macOS Safari, to turn on web console, go to Safari Preferences, Advanced tab. Then, 【⌘ command+⌥ option+i】 to turn on web console.
Firefox web dev tool 2014-08-28
Firefox web dev tool

JavaScript Basics

  1. JavaScript Basics
  2. Value Types
  3. true, false
  4. Operators
  5. Variable
  6. if then else
  7. for while do Loop
  8. Array Basics
  9. Object Basics
  10. RegExp Tutorial
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