Pen Display Tablet, Yuichi Murakami's Setup

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#DESKWATCH 04 村上ゆいちさんの左手デバイス捌き! - pixivision

the left keypad is Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad

イラストレーター 藤ちょこ - Drawing with Wacom (DwW)

pen display tablet

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Drawing Tablet

Surface Pro 4 929a7-s1270x953-s289x217
Microsoft Surface Pro
Sony DPT-RP1 B Digital Paper 20200104 xq58w-s333x188
Sony Digital Paper
hisense a5 display ink phone 2020-06-26 68gqy-s333x188
Display Ink Phone
Huion H640P drawing tablet 20190201 wkwct-s-s289x217
Drawing Tablet
GAOMON PD1560 Pen Display 46d02-s296x211
Pen Display
Wacom tablets spies 2020-02-07 q6hzb-s253x247
Wacom Tablet Spy on You
Krita 4 kiki 6ffe7-s325x192
Drawing Software
Pen Display Tablet, Yuichi Murakami's Setup

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