Vintage Ergonomic Keyboards

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This page is a gallery of exotic ergonomic keyboards. They are no longer made. For ones that you can easily buy, see: Best Ergonomic Keyboards 2017.

M-Type Keyboards

NEC keyboard pk-kb015 2
Japan M-Type keyboard

TRON Keyboards

TRON keyboards

Ergonomixx Mykey

Ergonomixx Mykey Keyboard

Scythe Ergo Diver keyboard

Scythe Ergo Diver Keyboard

PLUM keyboard

Plum Keyboard

Marquardt Mini-Ergo

marquardt mini ergo keyboard
“Marquardt Mini-Ergo” (1992)

Northgate Omnikey Evolution Ergonomic Keyboard

Omnikey Evolution ergonomic keyboard 05187
Northgate Omnikey Evolution ergonomic keyboard. White Alps mechanical key switch. (photo by webwit image source)

A review. 〔 Northgate keyboard repair By Steve Ferg. At

Chicony KB-7000, Addison KB-7001, PC Reveal KB-7061

Addison Reveal keyboard 9aAPoGo
Addison KB-7001. Dated around mid 1990s. Key-switch used is ALPS. image source

〔►see Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms

Addison Reveal keyboard 02889
PC Reveal KB-7061 ergonomic keyboard. (photo by webwit image source)
Addison Reveal keyboard phaedrus2401-d338b5i
PC Reveal KB-7061 ergonomic keyboard. (photo by Phaedrus)

Humble Hacker Keyboard

Humble Hacker Keyboard

Thanks to fangzhzh for showing me the Scythe keyboard. Thanks for boskom for reminding me the Humble Hacker keyboard.

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