Logitech Gaming Keyboards Review

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This page reviews Logitech's gaming keyboards, written by and for programers.

If you use gaming keyboard for playing games, great, but if you are a programer, the key macros feature would be fantastic. Use it to switch {window, apps, workspace}, jump to {editor, IDE, browser, terminal}, switch tabs, close tab, close window, switch views, ….

Logitech G710+, with Mechanical Key Switch!

Of all mechanical keyboards of the standard PC keyboard shape, and of all Logitech's gaming keyboards, this is the best.

logitech g710plus keyboard 2014-12-15
Logitech G710+ keyboard. amazon

For full review, see: Logitech G710+ Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech G910 Keyboard

logitech g910 keyboard vs Cherry G80 MX 6
compared with Cherry G80-3930LYBEU-2 MX 6.0 Keyboard amazonimage source

for detail, see Logitech G910 Keyboard

Logitech G19

logitech g19 keyboard
“Logitech G19” image source amazon
logitech g19 keyboard 3
Logitech G19 keyboard. 1444×930 amazon

The G19 is too bulky. It features a video screen. Can display youtube videos.

Also, it needs a power chord.

“Chilla Frilla: Logitech G19 Keyboard Unboxing and Review”

I do not recommend the G19. Rather, get the “Logitech G710plus Keyboard” amazon. If you need extra keys, get Razer Orbweaver Keypad (mechanical keys) or Logitech G13 Keypad (featuring LCD screen.)

When is a Keyboard “Gaming” Keyboard?

In my research, i haven't came across any so-called gaming keyboard that are ergonomic. For example, curved or split into 2 sections. There are fringe gaming keyboards that are split, but isn't really ergonomic at all. This brings up the question: “How do you define the term ‘gaming keyboard’”? Basically, a keyboard designed more or less for playing games. The problem is, some keyboards not branded “gaming” are in fact much better for gaming than dedicated “gaming keyboards”.

The most important element of gaming keyboard in terms of functionality is re-programable keys. Secondarily, with many extra keys, buttons, knobs, and in some cases a LCD display. Many keyboard are actually better for gaming than the so-called gaming keyboards. All you really want is a ergonomic shaped one, with mechanical keys, full function buttons. Or, use the numpad as function keys. 〔➤see Using Numeric Keypad as Function Keys〕 If you don't have the numpad, then get Logitech G13 Gameboard.

Advantage of Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboard are the vanguard of keyboards. They include these features:

• 5 to 18 extra function keys. (Real keys, not some wimpy rubbery buttons.)

bad function keys
Lousy, unusable function keys on normal Microsoft Keyboards

• Almost always, the standard function keys {F1, …, F12} are real keys, and arranged in groups of 3 blocks. (this makes them easy to hit correctly without visual contact.)

Kinesis keyboard function keys
Lousy rubber function keys on otherwise excellent Kinesis Contoured Keyboard

• Un-altered and complete set of modifier keys (➢ for example: Ctrl, Alt, ❖ Win, ▤ Menu), on both sides. (as opposed to omitting some of them or replacing them with the hardwired Fn key or Flip3D key) 〔➤see PC Keyboard Modifier Keys — A Short Survey

• Gaming keyboard come with the most robust and easy-to-use key macro software. You don't have to spend days to learn about key map tools such as AutoHotkey or Linux's xmodmap, xbindkeys, wmctrl, xdotool, ….

• High-end gaming keyboards provide on-board memory firmware. This means, you can plug-in your keyboard to any computer, on {Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux}, and all your key settings work.

Why do you need all those function keys? Just take a look at these:

In Photoshop, in emacs, in IDE, and even in browser, you also have some 30 key shortcuts involving Ctrl or other.

Disadvantage of Gaming Keyboard

• For one thing: nobody makes a ergonomic/split gaming keyboard that is good quality. This means, if you have RSI and must have a split keyboard, then you can't use gaming keyboard.

• In almost all gaming keyboards, the left Alt key is between {z, x}. On many Ergonomic Keyboards, the Alt is between {x, c}. This means, you can curl in thumb to press it. If you use combo keys a lot, such as in Emacs, Second Life, this is a big advantage.

Logitech G510

logitech g510-12 keyboard
image source amazon

Logitech G110 (discontinued)

logitech g110 keyboard
“Logitech G110” amazon

Logitech also makes a G15, but that's discontinued. amazon

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