List of Programable Keypads

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This page lists keypads you can buy that adds extra function keys.

Cheap Numerical Keypad

First, are cheap, normal, numerical keypads.

perixx peripad number keypad
perixx peripad number keypad amazon
v7 numerical keypad
v7 numerical keypad. amazon

These cheap keypads are great, in that you can use operating system software to program the keys so that the number keys run commands or shell scripts.

For how to use OS to program numberpad keys for {Windows, Mac, Linux}, see: Keyboard: How to set Number Keypad as Function Keys for Windows, Linux, Mac

For why you want to, see: Keyboard: What's the Use of Function Keys?

X-keys USB Stick, 16 programmable keys

X-Key programmable key stick
Fentek's X-keys Programable Key Stick. It adds 16 programable keys. amazon

XK-24 USB Programmable Keypad

XK-24 USB programmable keypad 71426
《XK-24 USB programmable keypad》 amazon

Why You Need So Many Keys?

Here's a sample setup to increase your productivity.

Fentek 24 Key Programmable Keypad

Fentek 24-key keypad mx black
《Fentek 24 Key Programmable Keypad》 amazon

Like gaming keyboards, you can program keys on this, then plug into any computer.

Fentek 20 Key Programmable Keypad

Fentek X-Key kp20 keypad

One nice thing about this one is that it's got Cherry MX Brown mechanical switch. 〔➤ Key Switch Mechanisms Guide

60 keys X-Key

X-keys 60 key keypad
“X-keys USB Programmable Keyboard” amazon

Gaming Keypads

Here's some other options. I think these are actually better, because gaming is a much bigger industry, so the products are cheaper, and you can buy them anywhere.

logitech g13 gameboard 2
Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard Review amazon

Though, due to the shape, it is not suitable for normal computer operation. Because, it is designed to be operated when your left hand is resting on it. Unless you are playing games, you can't have your left hand rest on this at all times. To press the key without your hand on it, the device surface is slanted in a way hard to see or use. It's also bulky.

Using Numeric Keypad as Function Keys

Your keyboard's numerical keypad is actually your best friend. See: Keyboard: How to set Number Keypad as Function Keys for Windows, Linux, Mac

17 Buttons Mouse

Logitech G600 mouse 2
“Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse” amazon

See: Best Mouse for Programers.

Programmable Keypad + Jog & Shuttle Wheel

shuttle pro 2 controller 2014
Contour Design's Shuttle Pro 2. amazon

15 buttons: 9 buttons on top has clear cap that can have custom key labels. 2 on sides, 4 on bottom.

shuttleXpress jog wheel 2014
“Contour ShuttleXpress” amazon

hates pressing buttons for sound level control? Get this.

for video review, see: What's Jog-Wheel? What's Shuttle-Wheel?.

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