Xah Keyboard Blog 2017-11

just upgrade Mac to “High Sierra”. The dwell feature (autoclick) got screwed. One humongous keyboard panel pops up everytime mouse is moved. Solution: use the panel editor, and create a panel of just 2 buttons, click, and pause, and make it not disappear.

see Mac: Hover to Switch Window (updated for macOS High Sierra)

Is Keyboard Tenting Important? (minor update)

logitech g703 mouse 89709-s271x230
Logitech G703 Wireless Gaming Mouse

updated, the series:

this just became available on amazon.

ly092 mini keyboard f3281 2-s349x179
SmartYao Keyboard

the famous IBM Model M keyboard (major update)

Keyboard Firmware (updated)

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Planck Keyboard

added a video by Chyrosran22. Hilarious.

Mechanical Keyboard and Repetitive Strain Injury (updated)

removed comment system on my site

just removed disqus comment on all my sites for now. They are now forcing image ads. And their ads are those low quality sensational types. To opt ad free, would be $10/month. But, comment takes 30min/day to reply, and 95% are garbage. (i have 5 thousand pages on my sites) might add back, we'll see. let me know what you think.

ibm 5251 keyboard 201711 28942
IBM 5251 Keyboard

Heavy Metal Apple Keyboards. Weights a brick. literally.

Keybinding Design ⌨ (new index page)

Scientific Research on Keyboard Ergonomics

univac keyboard 201711 01214
Univac F-1355-00 Keyboard

sf keyboard meetup 20171111 88063
San Francisco Bay Area Keyboard Meetup 2017-11 Impressions

now with tens of photos

Novation LaunchPad 18e4f
Novation LaunchPad

patreon answers. what keyboard has macro keys on the side. https://www.patreon.com/messages/1778777

kinesis gaming keyboard 20451
Kinesis Freestyle Edge

also, tested this out yesterday at meetup. it's excellent!

new photo, of xbows keyboard's double-injection keycap, bottom X-Bows Keyboard Review

Best Way to Type/Insert Parenthesis, Brackets (minor update)

MantisTek Keyboard Privacy Breach

own the couch!


roccat own the couch keyboard 27026
own the couch keyboard

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Esrille New Keyboard Review (updated. new pic and new info)

Keyboards without Numeric Keypad (updated)

Leopold FC660C keyboard (updated)

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