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Microsoft Classic Intellimouse 72973-s285x219
Microsoft Classic Intellimouse

(on its own page. Updated info.)
ripster irl 75960
ripster irl
trackball history 2017 12 29 24186
Trackball History


Humble Hacker Keyboard

This is the first DIY keyboard, around 2009.

want a big-ass spacebar?

SteelSeries Apex 350 keyboard a29d6
SteelSeries Apex keyboard 1405×782

how i love happy hacking

oh yeah, i love happy hacking. it makes me happy, and hacking, and all cool kids in town married one.

on the first day of xmas i love its F1 key. On the 2nd day of xmas i love its F2 key. On the 12th day i love its F12. On the 13th Friday i love its virtual arrows. I can finally live my life in virtual Doom.

when friends come over, they envy my expensive brick. All the chicks wanna touch it. I can't even fight their dirty hands off.

i used to pride in thinking, but the hhkb made me unthink fast by bouncing on rubber domes. Colleagues can't even tell with my fingers all over in production.

highly recommend: once you get this you'll forget about touch typing and never pain again

see The Idiocy of Happy Hacking Keyboard

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super monkey ball video game 83470
Super Monkey Ball video game 2448×3264 [image source reddit]
logitech trackman portable mouse 85170-s289x217
Logitech Trackman Portable Mouse, 1991
CST l trac red trackball
L-Trac Trackball


Orthovia OrthoMouse Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

OrthoMouse 72270
Buy OrthoMouse 984×688

saw this on amazon. Not sure what's what.

the reviews seem to be slightly negative.

for a list, see Ergonomic Mouse

Japan Remington No 9 Typewriter

nixie clock keyboard

nixie clock keyboard cad0c
nixie clock keyboard 2088×1183 4176×2366 [image source reddit]

Efficient Keyboard Layout for Portuguese: pt-Nativo (updated)

nakabayashi trackball 29063
Nakabayashi Digio Trackball

I credit @xah_lee with opening my eyes to the importance of spacebar size and modifier key placement. (It did ruin some otherwise great keyboards for me, e.g., Sun Type-5.) @XBowstech seems to have some original ideas here that also feel like they would be genuinely useful.

from Davor Cubranic (@OddsAndBits) https://twitter.com/OddsAndBits/status/936965933326770176


the article about space bar is Tiny Space Bar on Japanese Keyboards

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