Best Numeric Keypads

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Here's the best number pads you can buy.

Truly Ergonomic numeric keypad 44156
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This one is uniquely designed for data entry. For example, spread sheets.

Truly Ergonomic Numeric Keypad

Jelly Comb mechanical numeric keypad-s
“Mechanical Numeric Keypad,Jelly Comb USB Braid Cable Numpad 22-key Number Pad - Black” Buy at amazon

This one is excellent.

Note the additional keys.

The following one is not mechanical, but wireless.

I do not recommend wireless, because usually the keystrokes can be sniffed by hackers.

g-cord wireless numeric keypad
“G-Cord® 18 Keys Wireless USB Numeric Keypad for iMac, Macbook, Laptop / Notebook, Desktop / PC Computer Compatible with Windows and OS X System” Buy at amazon

Program Numeric Keypad as Function Keys

You can program the number pad keys as function keys. For example, launch browser, switch tabs, close tab.

See: How to Program Numeric Keypad as Function Keys