Best Numeric Keypads

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Here's the best number pads you can buy.

Truly Ergonomic Numeric Keypad, for Data Entry

Truly Ergonomic numeric keypad 44156
Buy at amazon

This one is uniquely designed for data entry, such as using Excel spread sheet.

the keys send normal number keycodes, not the keycodes of numeric keypad. This is bad if you want to reprogram the keys via operating system.

Also, this one is not suitable as a calculator keypad, because the + - * / keys are not in standard position, and you have to hold Fn.

[see Truly Ergonomic Numeric Keypad]

Jelly Comb Mechanical Numeric Keypad

Jelly Comb mechanical numeric keypadt
“Jelly Comb USB Braid Cable Numpad 22-key Number Pad” Buy at amazon

This one is excellent.

Note the additional keys.

Note, the parenthesis and equal sign keys work in Microsoft Windows only. They are equivalent to holding Alt down then press 040, 041, 061. (these are called windows Alt codes for inserting characters.)

Qisan Numeric Keypad

Qisan Numeric Keypad 69908
Qisan Numeric Keypad. Buy at amazon


The following one is not mechanical, but wireless.

I do not recommend wireless, because usually the keystrokes can be sniffed by hackers.

g-cord wireless numeric keypad
“G-Cord® 18 Keys Wireless USB Numeric Keypad for iMac, Macbook, Laptop / Notebook, Desktop / PC Computer Compatible with Windows and OS X System” Buy at amazon

Program Numeric Keypad as Function Keys

You can program the number pad keys as function keys. For example, launch browser, switch tabs, close tab.

See: How to Program Number Keypad as Function Keys

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