List of Keyboards with Mechanical Switch

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Here's a list of mechanical keyboards. It's not a complete list, because mechanical keyboard has become very popular since 2015, and today there are thousands of them.

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Choice of Cherry MX

The following models are available in many Cherry MX switch models, usually {Brown, Black, Blue, Red}. Many also have full size or compact size models.

logitech g710plus keyboard
Logitech G710+
{ Brown, Blue}
KBC Poker 3 keyboard 1
Vortex KBC Poker 3
code keyboard 104-key
Jeff Atwood's CODE
{Clear, other}
truly ergo keyboard 40563 s302x207
Truly Ergonomic
(Kailh {Brown, Blue})
Kinesis top view 194406-s289x217
Kinesis Advantage2
(MX brown, Red)
Corsair strafe rgb keyboard
Corsair Keyboards
{Red, Brown, Blue}
das keyboard 4 ultimate 2016 24804-s400x156
{brown, blue}

Cherry MX Blue

Razer BlackWidow mechanical gaming keyboard-s351x178
Razer BlackWidow Gaming

The key switch maker Cherry itself sell keyboards. Cherry mechanical keyboard

Adesso has several models. Adesso mechanical keyboard

Cherry MX Black

lots on amazon Cherry MX Black keyboard

Alps, Matias, and Variants

Matias mini tactile pro keyboard Mac 455ca
Matias Mini Tactile Pro
tn 306x204 keyboardio m1 rgb 44488

Topre Switch

List of Keyboards with Topre Switch

Kailh Switch

Kailh Switch Keyboards

Hall Effect Switch

XMIT Hall Effect Switch

Romer-g Switch

logitech g910 keyboard 12 02457
Logitech G910

Buckling Spring

unicomp model m keyboard 25675-s391x160

Key Switch Topic

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  2. Noise Comparison
  3. What's NKRO, N-key Rollover?
  4. List of Keyboards with Topre Switch
  5. XMIT Hall Effect Switch
  6. Kailh Switch
  7. Mechanical Keyboard and RSI

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