Lisp Machine LMI-CADR keyboard

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This is Lisp Machine Inc's CADR keyboard, called LMI-CADR keyboard, made in around 1981.

Note: there is a lisp machine called CADR machine. Lisp Machines Inc sold CADR machine as LMI-CADR. Symbolics Inc sold CADR machine as LM-2.

This is a Space-Cadet Keyboard.

[see Space-Cadet Keyboard]

lmi-cadr keyboard 1st gen space cadget 31997
LMI-CADR keyboard, 1st generation [image source flickr By Jesse Vincent © ]

Here's photo of another.

lmi-cadr keyboard 1st gen space cadget 368fc
lmi-cadr keyboard 1st gen space cadget 368fc [image source]

CADR keyboard brochure:

CADR keyboard brochure db44a
CADR keyboard brochure [image source]

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