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Ergonomic History

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Hotkey How-To


  1. touch type finger key position
    How to Touch-Type
  2. z-type game 9-s
    Typing Games, Typing Tests
  3. Bad Advices from Programer
  4. How People Actually Type?

Habit, Injury

  1. How Many Keystrokes Programers Type a Day?
  2. Why Undo Cut Shortcut Keys Are Bad?
  3. Mechanical Keyboard and Repetitive Strain Injury
  4. keyboarding RSI forearm Pronation-33159
    Keyboard Tenting, Forearm Pronation
  5. Touch-Typing, a Relic of Keyboard Design?
  6. How to Increase Efficiency in Using Mac, Linux, Windows

emacs, vi, RSI

  1. Celebrity Programers with RSI
  2. How to Avoid Emacs Pinky Problem
  3. Emacs: Why You Should Not Swap {Caps Lock, Control} Keys
  4. Programer Hand Health: vi Esc Key Syndrome
  5. Using Voice to Code Faster than Keyboard 📺
  6. Xah Keyboarding RSI Experience 1992 – 2013
  7. Emacs, RSI, My Experiences