UHK LISP keyboard

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard in lisp clothing.

[see Ultimate Hacking Keyboard]

UHK lisp 9pxsj
UHK lisp keyboard [image source https://twitter.com/beefsupreme33/status/1086773163000614912]

That's Space-Cadet Keyboard lisp machine keycaps.

UHK lisp keyboard 3zxpw
UHK lisp keyboard
UHK lisp keyboard bjd6m
UHK lisp keyboard
UHK lisp numpad vdj8r
UHK lisp numpad

Lisp/Selectric Keycaps

  1. IBM Selectric
  2. Space-Cadet Keyboard
  3. Modern Selectric Keycaps
  4. UHK LISP keyboard
  5. Hyper 7 Keyboard

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