Xah Keyboards 2018-11

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UHK 20191021 qkdr2-s1386x1039
UHK 20191021 qkdr2 4032×3024
xah desktop 201811 011-s1155x866
Xah desktop 201811 • Logitech M570 Wireless TrackballKinesis Advantage2 KeyboardTruly Ergonomic Numeric KeypadLogitech G502 Mouse

upon this system, 13k keystrokes are fed into emacs per day.

xah emacs keylog 2018-11-23 29479
xah emacs keylog 2018-11-23 [full text xah_emacs_keylog_2018-11-23.txt]

[see How Many Keystrokes Programers Type a Day?]

UHK xah desktop 2018-12-15 c80d4-s1039x779
UHK xah desktop 2018-12-15 4032×3024

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