Linux: Xfce Good Themes

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i need a look that is:

linux xfce x11 gui ThinIce Greybird 2016-07-16
bad GUI. Linux Xfce ThinIce Greybird 2016-07.
  • Difficult to tell which window is in front.
  • Difficult to tell which tab is current.
  • Difficult to tell which is button, which is not a button.
  • Difficult to tell button's on/off status.
linux xfce x11 gui Adwaita Kokodi 2016-07-16
Good GUI. Linux Xfce Adwaita Kokodi 2016-07.

Linux Xfce Good Theme Choices

appearance that has good GUI widgets:

bad x11 slabs:

Window Manager theme that has easily distiungished front window title bar:

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