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tron lightcycles
Tron lightcycles

TRON Light Cycle Optimal Strategy

Added a new section to bottom of: The Problems of Traditional Math Notation.

Xah's Top 10 Math Wonders

Mathematician Marijke Van Gans died (1955 to 2009)

Gravity simulator (requires Adobe Flash). Source www.nowykurier.com

See also: Great Math Software.

decorated torus autologlyph
Torus Autologlyph

For more info and where to buy, see: Geometric Pattern on Sphere and Torus.

Detexify is a tool that lets you draw a math symbol and it shows you the code for LaTeX. The tool is created by Daniel Kirsch. At http://detexify.kirelabs.org/classify.html.

See also: Math Symbols in Unicode.

If you are a emacs user, you can set your emacs up so that any frequently used symbols can be entered by a single shortcut key, or a abbreviation. See: Emacs and Unicode Tips.

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Ian Stewart has a new book out.

Read 1/3 of his Flatterland Buy at amazon in ~2002.

See also: FLATLAND: A Romance of Many Dimensions, and Flatland: A Introduction (by Xah Lee) for many subsequent books and films on Flatland. It is one of my favorite book, say, in top 5, of all books in my life.

Thanks to R Michael Underwood for the tip.

Mathematicians Richard Palais and Hermann Karcher, have released a new version of their math visualization software, the 3DXM. The main change is that it now has button-like interface in place of menus, where each button is a icon of the surface or math subject. This makes it much more attractive, and easier to use. Check it out.

3dxm 2
3DXM screenshot.

Download at 3DXM.

Note: the new version is for Mac only. For Windows or Linux users, there's always the Java version at the same download location. Though, the Java version has only some 50% of surfaces or other math objects.

A fantastic java applet to draw Voronoi diagram interactively. Very nice.

Voro Glide At www.pi6.fernuni-hagen.de…

See also: Great Math Software.

Math Prizes and Nobel Ignobility. (commentary)

My friend, Richard Palais, co-authored with his son Robert Palais a new book Differential Equations, Mechanics, and Computation. I've been hired to help them update the site. The result is this: ode-math.com. Half of the book is free in PDF files. Also, lots of java applets and animation files are coming.

You can buy the book at Amazon: Buy at amazon. However, for some reason, Amazon doesn't have extra copies.

Math Symbols in Unicode

knot puzzle
〔image source http://www.segerman.org/misc_art.html

Celtic Knots, Truchet tiles, Combinatorial Patterns.

Arrows in Unicode

Discovered that there are quite a lot articles in remembrance of Martin Gardner. See bottom of: Martin Gardner (1914 to 2010).

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