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Thanks to Stanley Rabinowitz of mathpropress.com for donation, for the Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves project.

Note that you can purchase the entire project as downloadable file for easy reading on your computer or iPad. See: Buy A Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves. I still don't have Mathematica files updated yet, but you'll get free update when available.

Rheotomic Surfaces by Daniel Pike

potential flow
Potential flow image source
laplacian circle packing
Laplacian circle packing. image source
Rheotomic surface. image source

A really beautiful blog, with explanations: Rheotomic Surfaces By Daniel Piker. At spacesymmetrystructure.wordpress.com

His blog is full of beautiful things. Highly recommended. Subscribe.

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Updated my Mathematica package for plotting Geometric Transformation and Complex Function.

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