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Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz Strategy as Math

Roller Coaster = Calculus

when i see a roller-coaster, i see calculus.

Blue Fire roller coaster-s
Blue Fire roller-coaster. image source 2592×1944
equi spiral def
A example of equiangular spiral with angle 80°.

Math: Fibonaci Sequence Video Fallacy 📺

fibonacci spiral girl
When a attractive girl flips her hair, the water stream formed is a Fibonacci spiral.

Math Mysticism: Is Hurricane Shape a Fibonaci Spiral?

blue poison crystal geodesic sphere
Crystal Polyhedron Sphere.

This appeared in a perfume video ad: Midnight Poison; Space Dementia; Eva Green.

math lorenz attractor 020-s
Second Life: Math Lorenz Attractor screenshots.

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