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polyhedra dices
Regular Polyhedrons Dice and Platonic Solids Chocolate Dice
math lamp net shadow
Math net shadow lamp. Beauty of projective geometry at work.

Projective Geometry Java Applets

Some old projective geometry interactive applets. Requires Java installed.

23 invarienceOfHarmSet 2.8
harmonic set

The main file is Intro to Real Projective Plane

following are Java applets.

Rewriting them in JavaScript soon.

A great blog from a architect. Always lots of most beautiful math images. Be sure to checkout his past articles. [• eat-a-bug: Art, Design, Architecture, and Technology By Lorenz Lachauer. At http://eat-a-bug.blogspot.com/ , Accessed on 2013-08-20 ]

JavaScript D3 Rotating Voronoi Demo

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