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Math Valentines Heart = Cardioid

every Valentines Day ♥ ♥ ♥ is the day to post the cardioid curve, because cardioid means heart-shaped.


more about Cardioid at Cardioid

if you search the web, you'll find 3D equations for 3D heart ♥ (that is a polynomial of 3rd degree who's level set is like a heart-shaped foil balloon)

What's Difference Set of a Group

What Does Bagua, Taichi Mean? Bagua, the Trigrams, as Binary System

what does bagua, taichi mean? Bagua, the trigrams, as binary system

see bottom Art:〈The Grandmaster〉 The Opera Fight Scene; 一代宗師,八卦掌 📺

this is Chinese metaphysics.

exercise: look at South Korean flag. It has 4 of the 8 trigrams. Find a description of why those 4.

co-inventor of calculus, Gottfried Leibniz, also as the father of computer, said that “hexagrams a base for claiming the universality of the binary numeral system.”. Why?

Great Math Software (old collection)

Graphing Software for Microsoft Windows (update on plotting software for Microsoft Windows)

stereographic projection by Henry Segerman 2013-12-12 95487
Stereographic projection by Henry Segerman

Stereographic Projection 3D-Printed Physical Model (updated)

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