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This page lists some other math programs that is too crowded to be listed on the main page. Be sure to the out the main page: Math Software

See: Notes on A New Kind of Science.

Other plane tiling programs

Tess is a symmetry-drawing program made by Pedagoguery Software Inc. Available for Mac and Windows. OS Classic Windows

PlaneTiling is a Mathematica package for tiling and symmetry illustrations. Author is Xah Lee (me). Requires Mathematica to run. Geometry: Plane Tiling Mathematica Package. For more programs that does symmetry or tiling related topic, see Wallpaper groups: References and Related Web Sites.

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RepTiles v.2.0.1 (screenshot) is a plane tiling shareware written by two mathematicians Daniel H Huson and The program is capable of generating all possible periodic tiling of the plane. By the words of the authors: “… for interactively designing and systematically generating periodic 2-dimensional tilings and patterns, study symmetry and 2-dimensional geometry, if you are a mathematician, enumerate possible 2-dimensional crystal-structures, if you are a crystallographer or chemist, design complex and interesting patterns, if you are a designer, or explore a whole new world of fascinating periodic structures, if you are, well, just interested.” This program is a bit mathematical, but can be fun for layperson. It is a rare tool for crystallographer and mathematicians. URL: (Note: This program is from 1995 era. The software downloaded from the ftp site is missing data files, making the software not usable. I don't have a copy of it.) Mac OS Classic

Some other programs for polytopes

HyperDimension Ishihama Yoshiaki has written several interesting programs. Many of them are related to high dimensions, including a 4 and 5 dimensional Rubic cube simulators. His programs are small and original, but the interface is very crude. Check out his webpage for more Source Ishihama Yoshiaki's software are usually raw and unpolished. (2002-07) Mac OS Classic Java

HyperSpace 2.0 (1990) is another higher-dimensional polytope viewer, by Paul Bruke. It does not let you drag and spin, but offers both multiple slice view and projection view on about 4 regular polyhedrons. Paul Bruke's software page is at: Source Ask Paul to update this software. (2002) Mac OS Classic

Stewart Coffin's The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections, now online free at: Source This book specify in detail a whole type of puzzles that is made of interlocking blocks of various shapes that assemble into regular polyhedrons or beautiful objects of such symmetry.

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