Windows Console Key Shortcuts

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This page is no longer maintained. It's kept here for historical purposes.

Microsoft's Windows Terminal (began in year 2019) is the replacement for Windows console.

Windows Console 2009
Windows Console 2009

Here's the most useful Windows Console keyboard shortcuts:

Here's some almost useless keys:

Windows Console Tips

How to copy and paste in Windows console?

For using mouse, you need to enable it first. Right click on the window, then select “Properties”, click the “Options” tab. Check the “QuickEdit Mode”, press OK. Once that is done, you have copy and paste by mouse enabled.

Is there a way to page up/down in Windows console?

Press Alt+Space e l. This invokes the menu [file ▸ Edit ▸ Scroll] and activate the scroll mode. Then, arrow keys does page up/down. To exit, press Enter or Escape.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to delete a whole word?

No. However, you can move by word, using Ctrl+ and Ctrl+.

Is it possible to get Windows console to display Unicode such as Chinese?

Type chcp 65001. This will change output's encoding to utf-8. Also, you need to change font to Lucinda Console. However, even this doesn't work well, because Lucinda Console does not contain main Unicode symbols, and i still get dangerous beeps when type my_unicode.txt.

See: help chcp. For a list of codes, see: [ Code page ] [ ] .


Is there a app bundled with Windows Vista to do ssh?

Basically no. You can use [ PuTTY ] [ ] and [ Tera Term ] [ ]. Or, install [ cygwin ] [ ] and add openssh package.

Windows does not have the unix tradition of telnet/ssh to remote computers to do sys admin. (However, it does support remote computing, based on [ Remote Desktop Services ] [ ].)

Windows Console Problems

Windows Console Alternatives

PowerShell ISE
PowerShell ISE powershell_ise.exe.

If you are using PowerShell, a much better solution is to use the Windows PowerShell ISE instead. (ISE = Integrated Scripting Editor). The PowerShell ISE is bundled with PowerShell. The PowerShell ISE has split panes that lets you run commands in one pane and do script editing in another pane. And if you do not need to write scripts, you can close that pane and use it just like Windows Console. Also, PowerShell ISE can display Unicode chararacters, support color, support page up/down buttons, has keyboard shortcuts to delete by word, etc.

Emacs as Console Substitute

Emacs: Run Shell in Emacs

2011-03-31 Thanks to Mouffe K rema [] for tip about copy/paste keys. Thanks to iainelder for tip on paging keys.